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The Importance Of Education Goes Far Beyond Career Prep

The Importance Of Education Goes Far Beyond Career Prep

One of the most common questions that young people ponder is what they want to be when they grow up. As they begin to create their own identity, they may go through different phases. One day they may say they want to be a scientist, the next day they want to be a fireman, and the next day they want to be a movie star. They will undoubtedly learn different subjects in school that will help them narrow down their options until they ultimately are able to begin their career. Although this is an important function of school, it may not be the most important. In fact, education has many other benefits that not only help them to get a job, but also that shape the way they view themselves and the world around them.

The Importance Of Education Goes Far Beyond Career Prep

Discipline and Goal Setting

When children begin school, they are introduced to a way of life that is very structured. They start and finish classes at the same time every day. They probably have an assigned seat and they have different subjects that they study throughout the day. While they likely have learned about rules and structure at home, school takes it to a new level.

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As they progress, they begin to receive homework assignments that help them to practice concepts that they learned in school. Over time, the amount of time and energy required for each class increase as the Childs abilities also increase. They begin to decide how much time they will devote to school, extracurricular activities, and social activities. They begin to develop the discipline to focus during classes. They also have the opportunity to set goals. Perhaps they set a goal to do better in a certain subject or to get as in all of their classes. The support of parents and teachers helps students to learn how to set goals and how to manage their time and resources. Their level of autonomy and responsibility increases even through college and into their career.

Analytical Abilities

In addition to developing discipline and learning to set goals, students learn to think analytically as they learn about different subjects. They question how the things they learn apply to their everyday life and how they can use them. History and literature teach them about people and situations that are far outside of their own experience.

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While they are able to learn a number of important things from elementary school through high school, there are many benefits that they will experience as they go on to college as well.

As students learn, they develop the ability to think abstractly and to develop conclusions based on their observations. There are actually physical changes that happen in their brain as they learn and grow. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health suggests that certain areas of the brain are not even fully developed until age 25. People who continue to study and to learn after high school are able to attain a much higher level of analytical reasoning that those who do not.