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The university level cell makes consistent efforts of the number of activities associated with the placement of students

The makers of the List of journalists have an online service that. In the standard version, which can be retrieved using the starter kit This will give you direct access to query tools database journalist. This query tools help you search by title or category of argument and media work or geographical areas. If you are in the list of media professionals, you will be able to check the title of the print media and in the Format list, and send individual emails. You can also add advanced options of sending and management modules for the complete management and customization of your daily needs.All occupations that are linked in one way or another with the media is a media programs. The media as the fourth power of each economy and employment in the sector as never before known growing. There are many schools, the professional degree and diploma programs in media. These courses are not directly or indirectly or through the media. Courses such as advertising, public relations, editorial content and different types of media-only programs.


WLCI School of Media and Communications provides media programs for students and also passed 10 +2 students. The media graduate programs provide a foundation for students so that they feel confident when you choose to go for higher studies in the same. These programs also allow students to be aware of the global media and communications issues and the cause and effect relationships of the various media WLCI theories.Media programs not only offer a degree and further training in specific genres of mass communication, but also extensive meetings on matters within its periphery, such as technical, research and journalism. Students who undertake research in the field of the media, they have a perfect knowledge of the theory and practical tools on this topic.

The university level cell makes consistent efforts of the number of activities associated with the placement of students. Interview preparations preplacement talks and individual counseling are some of the efforts of the college placement made. Not surprisingly, all the students of WLCI Media and communication skills, since the beginning of the university has been set in the industry. And spring has in his cap WLCI add all students in the homes of well-known national media reach places. Students of public relations and advertising lead a successful professional life, offered to join the large-scale corporate motto houses.The courses WLCI to close the gap between the needs of industry and conventional career. The courses offered here are very driven and market-oriented industry, so students move not mentioned rookie when it comes to the handling of technical equipment and software.

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